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In the morni

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In the morni

MessagePost le: Jeu Mai 16, 2019 5:41 am    Sujet du message: In the morni Rpondre en citant

In the morning, I saw the flock of birds, landed in my garden, walked leisurely, looking for morning light. Seeing them, a group of elves, can't restrain their desire to approach them. I approached them, a bird looked at me, then flew up, and the rest flew away together, and the happy notes in the sky. Flying, their feathers glow in the sun with gentle radiance. I returned to the room. They fell back to the courtyard. In the early morning of Hunchun, they are just like me, happy and peaceful, and I like to read the works of Mr. Chen Zhongshi. Reading his words, it feels like a distant wanderer will always give up his love for his hometown. He feels as thick as the loess on the Loess Plateau. It is as thick as the shoulders of the farmer who picks up cow dung and the shoulders of the old farmer. The Yellow River, which is a tumultuous turn, is as majestic and has a strong atmosphere. A few days ago, I suddenly saw the news that he had passed away, not only shed tears. As his loyal fan, write a little real feeling inside, the right is to remember the story of his destiny. Since childhood, he has read books with brilliant writers. In 1955, he and his brother were admitted to college. However, his father��s meager income could not allow the two brothers to leave the Yellow Land at the same time. He can only decide to temporarily suspend school for a year, and stay home until he has enough money to go to college next year. In 1962, he graduated from high school at the age of 20, and the great famine caused by the "Great Leap Forward" caused the number of enrollment in colleges to decline. He failed to do so. What is placed in front of him is to leave the long-awaited college dream forever Online Cigarettes, and to be a farmer who faces the loess and faces the sky like his father. The literary dream that was beaten and broken is like the autumn leaves. Although it is not willing, it is helpless. It can only wander and wander, just like the showers and floods in the flood season. It suddenly rushes all the rivers and dykes of his faith and will. This black July is about to end. He almost collapsed, and the road at the moment was read by reality. The old father took his son's hand on the moonlight night. Do you know how the water flows out of the mountains? The water has encountered obstacles. After a collision, if you can't rush it, you can't cross him Marlboro Lights. You must learn to turn, and then you can take the path. The next side of difficulty is the way out, the opportunity, the hope. That is to say, in the process of flowing, we met the deep pool, that is, we met the predicament for a while. As long as we don��t forget the hooligans and continue to accumulate living water, we will be able to find the exit, and the village will be like a long night light, such as a head-drink, he woke up. In 1962 Marlboro Cigarettes, she did a primary school teacher in a down-to-earth manner Cigarettes For Sale. In 1964, she became a middle school teacher. Later, she became the deputy director and curator of the Cultural Center. In 1982, he entered the Shaanxi Writers Association. Although he did not step into the literary hall of the ivory tower, he completed the gorgeous turn of the grassroots writer's literary dream. 40 years of struggle, 40 years of unforgettable heart, 40 years of accumulation and sublimation, so that he created an epic masterpiece "White Deer", it seems that someone asked him, how to deal with difficulties and setbacks? He said that it flows like water. He, that is, Chen Zhongshi's life is a flowing river, everyone has passed. This river always has a rapids and rapids. There is always a turning round. There are always dangerous reefs. What should I do if I encounter unforeseen difficulties? In the state of extreme depression and fear, we are like a headless fly, an ant on a hot pot, and we are overwhelmed and cannot find the original direction. If you are desperate, you can only stay in the place where your dreams are extinguished. The river of your life will be dying here and stagnation. If you are unyielding, try to find another exit, persevere, always flow to the sea. Helen Kay said that when God closes a door for you, it will open a window for you. When the door of love, the door of business, and the door of destiny are shaking hands to us, open the window of your own! Open it, you will see the beautiful scenery like the open door, open it, you will find that the door and the window are actually squatting, not far away, maybe just around the corner, just in Looking up, Chen Zhongshi wrote in "White Deer" that the steamed oysters were the most afraid of cockroaches, and the most feared to expose the lid, because the lid was released, the gas was released, and the cockroach was born. You can't vent your anger, and life is like that. Chen Zhongshi's life is a thick and majestic river, just like his works are full of epic beauty Newport Cigarettes Coupons, the most primitive driving force to promote the waves is the dream hidden in the bottom of my heart. Each of us is moving in the river of life, I hope we can carry our original dreams to the distance.
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Inscrit le: 22 Nov 2013
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MessagePost le: Mer Juil 24, 2019 10:19 am    Sujet du message: Rpondre en citant

Merci pour ces conseils forts intressants, cela fait vraiment plaisir de tomber sur des articles aussi intressants que les votre ! Je vous souhaite sant, longvit, succs, bonheur et la paix du cur.

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Inscrit le: 04 Mar 2019
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MessagePost le: Sam Oct 05, 2019 10:48 am    Sujet du message: Rpondre en citant

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Inscrit le: 04 Mar 2019
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MessagePost le: Mar Dc 03, 2019 11:54 am    Sujet du message: Rpondre en citant

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