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Calissons d'Aix en Provence
Calisson of Aix en Provence - Picture As tu vu .com

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Recette des calissons d'aix en Francais

Large calisson of Aix-en-Provence to almonds, sparkling sauce in Amaretto
A recipe of Jean-Marc Banzo
restaurant "clos de la violette" in Aix-en-Provence
1 H + 4 H with the refrigerator
Enough easy(for 8 people) Calissons 250 G of cleaned almonds
250 G of crystallized melon
150 G of crystallized oranges
10 ml of almond oil
6 yellows of eggs
150 G of honey
10 water dl
4 gelatine sheets
½ L of whipped cream
150 G of paste filho
50 G of white of eggs
300 G of sugar freeze
juice of a lemon
1 very fine biscuit génoise plate
5 Large-marnier alcohol Cl Amaretto cream

200 G of whipped cream
20 G of sugar freeze
40 ml of Amaretto
½ L of milk
6 yellows of eggs
100 G of sugar

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Calissons d'Aix

Calissons of Aix en Provence


1 - To reduce in pomade cleaned almonds, melon and oranges crystallized and the almond oil.
2 - To cook honey with the net, i.e. with 125 °C (to measure with a thermometer with sugar), in a pan.
3 - To pour on the yellows of ¿ufs and to mix vigorously until obtaining a paste with ribboned consistency. It is what one calls the apparatus with bomb.
4 - To add the candied fruits and almond pomade. The mixture obtained is the apparatus with calisson.
5 - In a pan, to dissolve the gelatine sheets with 1 water dl. When they are quite liquid, to incorporate them in the apparatus in calisson, then to add the cream whipped in race end.
6 - To furnish the funds with the calisson moulds with a fine thickness of biscuit génoise, soaked with syrup to Large-marnier.
7 - To then fill these moulds of the apparatus with calisson. To reserve for the expenses.
8 - In parallel, to prepare a royal ice, by mixing the white of ¿ufs, 300 G of sugar freeze and the lemon juice.
9 - To spread out the paste filho and to apply a very fine layer of royal ice.
10 - To detail then with the punch of the shape of the calissons and to cook with the furnace with 160 °C.
11 - To unmould the calissons. To deposit the sheets of paste filho on the top. To preserve at the expenses.
12 - To prepare the Amaretto cream. For that, to make an English sauce with the half liter of milk, six yellows of ¿ufs and 100 G of sugar. To cook the ingredients with soft fire while turning with a spoon out of wooden to the this cream thickens.
13 - Out of fire, to add Amaretto, sugar freezes then the whipped cream. To mix well so that the sauce becomes sparkling.
14 - To draw up the calissons in the plates and to encircle sparkling sauce in Amaretto.
Lastly, a large head agrees to deliver his recipe of the calisson of Aix! Jean-Marc Banzo, head of the kitchens of the Field of the violet, in Aix-en-Provence, explains from where to him the idea had just interpreted the famous secret recipe. "A many recoveries, I sought a dessert which is on the chart of my restaurant and which can, at the same time, to be registered like a personalization of my house and my city, during the demonstrations abroad. I thus had the idea to interpret the calisson of Aix, delicious confectionery, in dessert." It decorated thus the delicacy of a cream in Amaretto and modified some ingredients. An original idea of dessert for Christmas with the accents of Provence.

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